For ALL of Your Farm’s Operational Needs

Grow your way with less

Bluewhite Pathfinder

Equip On Your Existing or New Tractor

  • Adoptable to all permanent crops
  • Supports multiple jobs with PTO and 3 point implement control
  • Precision application
  • Cutting edge safety features
  • Manual use with a flip of a switch
New Holland tractor equipped with the Bluewhite autonomous system
Implement Control
Sprayer, mower, etc.
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor in a cherry field in California
Communication & Navigation
High precision
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor- Communication LTE & 5G
Reports in real-time and end of day
Mechanical Actuation
Wheel, pedals & controls
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor-Mechanical and electrical integration & actuation. Controls, HYD, 3 point, implement Control.
Computing Box
Bluewhite autonomous system computing box 2023
LiDAR & Cameras
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor- 3D sensors - LiDAR & Cameras, GPS
Trees, lanes, obstacles, canopy, ground, implements, CANBUS connectivity
Safety Bumper
Bluewhite autonomous system safety bumper
Safety Bumper
LiDAR & Cameras
Computing Box
Mechanical Actuation
Wheel, pedals & controls
Communication & Navigation
High precision
Implement Control
Sprayer, mower, etc.

Bluewhite Compass

Control Your Entire Fleet Remotely

Real-time management & optimization

Enhanced visibility into operations

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Operation reports

Integration to variety of softwaresand services

Effective planning of your daily schedule

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Smart Implements

Add High Resolution Precision

  • Spray, Mow, Blow and Spread autonomously
  • Provide smart features to your existing implements
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Increase precision application
  • Increase your team’s safety
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Add High Resolution Precision Application

Seamless Integration

Utilize your existing sprayer without buying new equipment, to ensure immediate return on investment.

Targeted Efficiency

Sprays only where trees or vines are present and covers more acres per tank fill, optimizing resources and reducing operating costs.

Sustainable Farming, Superior Results

Up to 50% input cost reduction and reduced water usage, chemical run off, and drift, contributing to a healthier planet, people, and crops.

Smart Insights, Smarter Decisions

Gain valuable spray data for business insights, allowing you to optimize your operations and improve overall farm productivity.