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Can my Bluewhite autonomous tractors be driven manually?

Yes, our system was designed as a non-invasive autonomous Kit with full manual functionality.

How many Bluewhite autonomous tractors can an operator manage at one time?

There is no limit, although we recommend that a single operator focus on a single function, i.e., one operator for 4-8 mowers in the same block or neighboring blocks.

What does the service look like after the first year?

Our support team is focused on delivering quick technical support and continued hardware/software updates, maintaining and keeping your tractor up to date with the latest technology available.

What type of implements can I operate with my Bluewhite autonomous tractor?

We offer a wide variety of implement integrations from smart implements and analog implements such as PTO-controlled, 3-point hitch, and hydraulic implements: foliar sprayers, herbicide sprayers, mowers, disc, dusters

What technical support does Bluewhite provide?

Bluewhite has a skilled team of robotics technicians available 24/7 for remote support and fast in-field support as needed.

If my Bluewhite system goes down, how long until it is repaired?

We aim to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, with most repairs completed before the start of the next shift.

Why can I not purchase my Bluewhite equipment?

Bluewhite offers our partners an almost immediate return on their investment by keeping capital expenditure low and charging an affordable service fee. Our service fee also allows Bluewhite to continue supporting partners with the most advanced software and hardware available on the market. In addition, we update your tractor as we improve our system so that you always have the latest and greatest.

How long will you have my tractor for the installation?

Most models take 1-2 weeks

Will I pay the first-year rate on any new tractors I have Bluewhite installed?

You will only pay the year 2 reduced rate fee unless Bluewhite on-site operators are required at the new site.

Will the lidar work if the lense is dirty?

Dust is no match for our equipment! However, we recommend wiping the lens at the beginning of each shift as a best practice.

Will cameras be damaged by branches?

As you know, anything is possible when out in the field, although generally, we do not see any damage to the system due to branches.

Can my Bluewhite system control hydraulic implements?

Please contact us for more details on specific implements and applications to better provide you with an accurate response.

Will my Bluewhite system recognize a change in soil consistency?

Our system is advanced enough to sense changes in load which can be set to notify the operator.

What type of crops can Bluewhite’s system operate in?

We work with most permanent crops such as Almonds, Pistachios, Grapes, Apples, and Stone Fruits.

What happens in the event my Bluewhite tractor stops following the correct task?

The tractor is programmed to follow a particular task, and any deviation will cause the tractor to stop until the operator provides further directions immediately.

What happens if my tractor needs maintenance?

You can maintain your tractor without worry. However, if, for some reason, the Bluewhite equipment impedes the repair, just let us know, and we will remove the hardware and then replace it after the repair is complete.

What happens if someone walks in front of the Bluewhite tractor while operating autonomously?

Our Obstacle Detection software is programmed to recognize known obstacles. If you have obstacles that are not covered, we can program those too!

How will I get the tractors to the block without a driver?

The answer depends on the operational layout, although we have multiple options. Contact us to learn more!

Will the system hold up in a rough farm environment?

Our system was designed for the rough environments in the field and will stand the test of time.

If I purchase a new tractor, what is the process to remove and reassemble the Bluewhite system on a new unit?

Once you purchase a new tractor, we will remove the equipment from your previous one and install on your new tractor within a few weeks of when we receive both tractors. You only pay for the labor, and we take care of the rest!

What happens after the 5-year lease expires?

The contract is renewed, and the relationship continues

Can I service the system myself?

Generally no. This is a highly technical system, and we do not allow anyone other than our skilled technicians to perform repairs at this time.

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