Autonomous technology that always keep you growing

Autonomous tractors, 2 John Deere tractors equipped with the Bluewhite autonomous system

Bluewhite combines hardware and software into a single end-to-end platform for fleet and data management. The platform allows you to run all farm operations easily from anywhere. Spray, disc, mow, and more with the same tractor, means you will grow more with less.

Solution Benefits

  • Save operational costs by up to 85%
  • Reduce inputs, labor, and maintenance costs
  • Control, operate, and monitor your entire fleet remotely from your mobile device
  • Support multiple jobs- Spray, Mow, Spread and more
  • Keep your ability to operate tractors manually
New Holland tractor equipped with the Bluewhite autonomous system driving in a cherry field
New Holland tractor equipped with the Bluewhite autonomous system

The Bluewhite Process

We embed our team with yours throughout the onboarding process to make sure that the autonomous platform meets your operational needs.

This happens in three phases:

Phase 1 – Setting Up
Your chosen tractors undergo installation with the Bluewhite autonomous system at our facilities, while our expert team meticulously maps out your farm terrain.
Phase 2 – On Boarding
Our dedicated Bluewhite customer success team conducts comprehensive training sessions, ensuring your team is proficient in operating, managing, and remotely monitoring your Bluewhite-equipped autonomous tractors, all while adhering to our rigorous safety protocols and validating autonomous missions within your designated blocks, preparing them seamlessly for daily operations.
Phase 3 – You’re in control
We offer a range of support terms designed to fit your financial and operational needs, empowering you to take full control of your autonomous farming operations
Connect with a specialist

Smart Implements

Support multiple tasks –  from seed to harvest – with digital and smart implements connected to the platform.

Smart Sprayers
Monitor and real-time control
High efficacy spraying
New Holland tractor equipped with the Bluewhite autonomous system
Mowers, Shredders, Disc
'Autonomous Ready'
New Robots and Sensors
Pollination, Robot Harvesting ...
Nuts, Winegrape, Carts

With you in every step

Your customer success manager
Partnering with Bluewhite means having a dedicated Customer Success Manager by your side every step of the way. They work collaboratively with you to optimize your farming operations according to your unique insights and requirements. From providing essential training to facilitating seamless integration of autonomous tractor operations, they empower your team to excel. Leading the charge in support initiatives, they enhance efficiency while ensuring smooth adaptation within your existing workforce. With their steadfast commitment, they are available at all hours of your operation, ensuring uninterrupted support.

Reports and operational insights

Our Customer Success Team conducts thorough reviews, analyses, and enhancements of your operations through our comprehensive Compass Reports. These reports provide invaluable insights into various aspects of your operations, including operational efficiencies, chemical data, equipment availability, runtime, and much more. With this data-driven approach, we empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your farming operations effectively.

See Immediate Results

Bluewhite is designed to deliver ROI right away

Reduce labor costs
40% -
Production costs
55% -

We will keep  your autonomous farm updated at no extra cost

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