Autonomous technology that always keep you growing

Bluewhite combines hardware and software into a single end-to-end platform for fleet and data management. The platform allows you to run all farm operations easily from anywhere. Spray, disc, mow, and more with the same tractor, means you will grow more with less.

Bluewhite Pathfinder

Complete & flexible technology that support all your needs

  • Works with any existing tractor
  • Operates year around with smart implement integration & control
  • Drive safely in any condition for any crop, leveraging Lidar, cameras and different sensors fusion navigation
  • Not reliant on GPS, RTK, Comms to keep the tractors going
  • Maintain the ability to drive the tractor manually when needed
Implement Control
Sprayer, mower, etc.
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor in a cherry field in California
Communication & Navigation
High precision
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor- Communication LTE & 5G
Reports in real-time and end of day
Mechanical Actuation
Wheel, pedals & controls
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor-Mechanical and electrical integration & actuation. Controls, HYD, 3 point, implement Control.
Computing Box
LiDAR & Cameras
Bluewhite equipt New Holland-  autonomous tractor- 3D sensors - LiDAR & Cameras, GPS
Trees, lanes, obstacles, canopy, ground, implements, CANBUS connectivity
Safety Bumper
Safety Bumper
LiDAR & Cameras
Computing Box
Mechanical Actuation
Wheel, pedals & controls
Communication & Navigation
High precision
Implement Control
Sprayer, mower, etc.

Smart Implements

Support multiple tasks –  from seed to harvest – with digital and smart implements connected to the platform.

Smart Sprayers
Monitor and real-time control
High efficacy spraying
Mowers, Shredders, Disc
'Autonomous Ready'
New Robots and Sensors
Pollination, Robot Harvesting ...
Nuts, Winegrape, Carts

Full farm-fleet management

  • Autonomous tractors, nursing tanks, manual tractors, trucks, robots and drones — all can be easily viewed and managed by a single operator
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Smart implements integration
  • Maintenance

Reports and operational insights

Connectivity to a variety of applications and technologies, including IoT, weather, crop health, yield monitoring, and more

The Bluewhite Process

We embed our team with yours throughout the onboarding process to make sure that the autonomous platform meets your operational needs.
Autonomous tractor by Bluewhite. 4 Bluewhite equipt  John Deere tractors

This happens in four phases:

Phase 1 –  Preparation
We install the Bluewhite Pathfinder into your fleet and plan the farm operation.
Phase 2 – Operating together
We build and validate the operational and safety protocols that will improve efficiency and boost output.
Phase 3 – On-Site Training
We train your team to manage autonomous operations independently.
Phase 4 – You’re in control
We provide remote and onsite 24/7 support, and ongoing hardware and software updates to keep your tractors equipped with the latest technology.
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